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EVERYTHING is 40% OFF at our NE Store!! Our store located at 10136 Two Notch Road in Sparkleberry Square, is closing its doors, because our lease is up… but before we close, we’re giving everyone a chance to come shop and save one last time! All merchandise is reduced and we will be selling everything at discounted prices! Your purchase is now 40% off and once an item is gone — it’s gone!

Our store hours are: Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm

When you purchase your diamond wedding ring from us, be sure and sign up for our Rainy Day Guarantee! If it rains 1″ or more on your wedding day, we will refund the full purchase price of your ring! (up to $10,000)


It rained 1.77” inches last year on Amanda and Scott’s wedding day, so their diamond wedding ring was FREE!

Rainy Day Guarantee Guidelines: The original purchaser of a diamond engagement ring from Jewelry Warehouse is entitled to a full refund (excluding sales tax) of up to $10,000 if it rains one

(1) inch of rain or more on the day of the wedding and if all other criteria, as outlined on the certificate, is satisfied. Rainfall will be measured at the Columbia, SC Airport by the *National Weather Service during the twenty-four (24) hour period midnight to midnight the day of the wedding. (Or closest confirmed National Weather service facility to wedding. Must be confirmed at time of issue of certificate) To qualify for the refund, the wedding must take place a maximum of two

(2) years and a minimum of thirty (30) days after the purchase of the ring. The official certificate must be signed at least thirty (30) days before the wedding day. If the wedding date is rescheduled after the completion of the certificate, the certificate will be voided and a new certificate must be completed prior to the original wedding date and at least thirty (30) days before the new wedding date. To receive the refund, the original purchaser must present the following:

  • The original sales receipt
  • The marriage License
  • The Rainy Day certificate
  • The purchaser’s driver’s license or other official form of identification

Refund will be given to the original purchaser only, and cannot be transferred or sold. The refund will be paid in the form of a check to the original purchaser. Claims must be presented within six (6) months after the wedding date. The purchaser grants Jewelry Warehouse the right to use names, photographs and wedding information if and when a refund is granted, for any purpose, without additional compensation or consideration.


This is Chelsea and Nick from Gilbert, SC. It rained over 1 inch on their wedding day back in August 2013, so they got their diamond wedding ring for FREE!

*Liquid precipitation amount will be verified by applying weather data as recorded and reported by the Columbia SC Airport, and disseminated by the National Climatic Data Center. We reserve the right to void this offer for areas of higher than normal likelihood of qualifying for rain totals on sites away from SC.

will you marry me?

wedding ring photography idea

wedding ring photography idea

Here’s a list of the Top Must Haves for Women in jewelry. Guys, if you are shopping for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or grandmother, and you aren’t sure of what to give them, be sure and bookmark this page!

  1. Must-Have: A Men’s Wear Inspired Style Watch — Besides keeping us punctual, a great menswear inspired watch is the perfect way to ground girly jewelry.
  2. Must-Have: Shiny Hoop Earrings — Sometimes, simple hoop earrings can add just the right amount of interest to their look, particularly when hair is pulled off the face. A thinner loop that is larger than a silver dollar, manages to feel both festive and feminine.
  3. Must-Have: Gold and Silver Stud Earrings — Even the smallest fashion statements are essential to finish a look. A domed ball for versatility, also ball studs, bars, or shapes like hearts and stars are great too.
  4. Must-Have: Diamond Earrings — Every woman needs a little sparkle in her life! Diamonds are the perfect way to do just that! Diamond earrings will instantly elevate the mood and are ideal for every occasion, and will give any outfit a touch of glamour.
  5. Must-Have: A Strand of Pearls — This never out of style piece can top off any lady like look and make it feel exquisitely sophisticated and classic.
  6. Must-Have: A Locket — An old treasure that’s always modern.
  7. Must-Have: Bangle and Cuff Bracelets Whether their mantra is “the bigger the bolder,” or “one is a ton,” bangles and cuff bracelets are the perfect accessory for work or a night out and can easily by layered.
  8. Must-Have: A Right Hand Ring — The left hand is reserved for more serious jewelry, think of the right hand as a place to play. Anything that is stack-able, colorful, or over-sized, and can even be worn on the pointer or middle fingers for impact.

Shop online with us to find the perfect gift for that special lady! Shop now.

[Article by: Kellie]

It’s a beautiful Spring Day! Stop by and see us! This is our Lexington store located at 5134 Sunset Blvd. #jewelry #columbiasc

Hey guys, are you thinking about getting married? We compiled a group of our favorite marriage proposal photos. Hopefully they will give you some ideas for the day you decide to pop the big question! Which proposal is your favorite?

Marriage Proposal Ideas:

  1. Propose during a baseball or softball game.
  2. Find her favorite book (hopefully a copy!) and place the ring inside the book.
  3. Propose while riding a roller coaster. She will be surprised at the end of the ride when she sees the photo.
  4. Have someone at your zoo aquarium hold a sign to propose. Or maybe you dive yourself?
  5. Simple and sweet proposal with scrabble tiles. For those that love to play the game.
  6. Place a ring on your chest and have an x-ray done. This photo was done because his fiance was an x-ray tech.
  7. Place the ring on your dog or new puppy with the tag, “Will you marry me?” – perfect for dog lovers!
  8. Post it notes all over the wall asking the question. This would take a long time to create, but would definitely be memorable!
  9. For the coffee lovers, a proposal in her cup of coffee.
  10. A proposal done in a photobooth at the mall. This is such a cute idea to have a photo of the moment with her expression when you pop the big question.
  11. Light up a room with candles spelling out “Will you marry me?”
  12. Go on a fun weekend trip to the beach and ask her to marry you while on the beach, with a professionally made sand castle.
  13. Have someone carve out the words, “Will you marry me?” in a field and take a fun plane ride to show her.
  14. Another proposal on the beach. This couple loves surfing, so he planned out a day telling her that the photographer was doing a story on surfers in their area, and had photos of the engagement with her reaction.

Click on the thumbnails to zoom.

Cute Marriage Proposal Ideas #proposal #engagement Hey guys, are you thinking about getting married? We compiled a group of our favorite marriage proposal photos.

Just because… Two words, but so many possible meanings:
Just Because… I’m proud of you
Just Because… I was thinking of you
Just Because… I love you

It doesn’t need to be expensive to be special - it can even be a simple act of kindness - Just Because… No reason is the best reason of all!

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True friends are like…